Author: Michael Becker

Creating VR NFTs on Hic et Nunc

Decision Tree Cover Photo

  I’ve minted my first piece on Hic Et Nunc. It’s a Virtual Reality work called Decision Tree. You may experience it fully on your browser or in VR, and you may – but certainly don’t have to – purchase it. The 2D version should work anywhere; the VR (namely, WebXR) version is best viewed […]

Tableau Vivant: The Living Room

Tableau Vivant: The Living Room is a “living” painting. It is rendered in real time: sixty frames per second, twenty four hours a day, its lighting and inner life reflect the current time of day at every given moment. Inside a sparsely lit room, a rolling ocean moves agonizingly and hauntingly slow, as the painting’s […]

The Art of Dreaming Up Worlds

I published a Medium Article about my creative process. It involves code, music, creativity, getting stuck and letting go. It seemed to resonate with quite a lot of folks – I’m grateful. The Art of Dreaming Up Worlds

Codespa 2018 is coming up!


So, Codespa is amazing. You learn how to code and make virtual reality games and art at a magical retreat, aimed at people who are underrepresented in tech. In between classes and hands-on, guided learning, students (and teachers!) get to practice yoga & meditation, enjoy amazing food and take in the gorgeous surroundings of Mt. Madonna, CA. What’s even cooler – the entire […]


A little late-night A-frame doodle Inspired by Dan Shiffman’s excellent vid and the brilliant book. Sauce (The entire logic boils down to “Math.floor(Math.random() * 2) > 0 ? ‘/’ : ‘\\’;”, really)

Getting Started in WebVR

Wrote a Medium Article about the aforementioned.   [everydays are cancelled for now; working on longer-term projects. So that’s actually good!]

VRChat Avatar – Prometheus

  Had a little fun with shaders, testing what works and what doesn’t in VRChat’s avatar upload pipeline. Pretty impressive results, particularly with the time-based animations. Some weird clipping issues but much better than nothing.

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