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Marcus Aurelius Sculpting App

  Because what good is 3d graphics if you can’t mess with a timeless object d’art. (Learning more about normal-based manipulation!)     [everyday 06027]

Lighthouse (Tiltbrush->Sketchfab workflow)

I was pleasantly surprised that *some* things worked in attempting to export stuff out of tilt brush. Still no luck bringing the fbx into threejs though – but the fault, as always, lies with threejs. Seems that the actual fbx is solid (and fwiw the sketchfab people are doing a fine job translating it to webgl). Also […]

[3D MODEL] Nebula Chic

Added nebula spacesphere, ind. rock rotations (they’re really bugging Sketchfab, might have to drop them) Ivory Tower WIP #3 by mhazani on Sketchfab

[3D MODEL] Asteroid

Blender – Substance Painter – Sketchfab workflow   Substance Painter Test by mhazani on Sketchfab

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