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The Art of Dreaming Up Worlds

I published a Medium Article about my creative process. It involves code, music, creativity, getting stuck and letting go. It seemed to resonate with quite a lot of folks – I’m grateful. The Art of Dreaming Up Worlds

Codespa 2018 is coming up!


So, Codespa is amazing. You learn how to code and make virtual reality games and art at a magical retreat, aimed at people who are underrepresented in tech. In between classes and hands-on, guided learning, students (and teachers!) get to practice yoga & meditation, enjoy amazing food and take in the gorgeous surroundings of Mt. Madonna, CA. What’s even cooler – the entire […]

VRChat Avatar – Prometheus

  Had a little fun with shaders, testing what works and what doesn’t in VRChat’s avatar upload pipeline. Pretty impressive results, particularly with the time-based animations. Some weird clipping issues but much better than nothing.

Random Pitch Generator – App

  Recreated the Random Pitch Generator I once made online as an actual iOS/Android app, made in Unity. Will soon publish to both stores. GF is beta testing (she’s the target audience). Not a ton of discoveries but converting bpm and tempo to seconds and back, and programming an actual metronome, were quite fun to […]

Intro to VR Lecture

Purists might say it doesn’t count as an Everyday, but I spent today on a Intro to Unity & VR Lecture and accompanying Unity mini-game. It’s a very last minute thing and kept me working into the night and I hereby decide it totally counts.    

Clip Position->RGB (Unity Shaders)

  Cg is tricky, man. But wielding an object’s clip space into its RGB value is, while very rudimentary, also kind of satisfying. Meaningful part is: [Everyday 5/10/17]

[POST] Vive controller problems on Unity 5.6? Here’s an easy fix.

After too many years with the DK2 as my only VR headset (Hello, my name is Michael and I’ve been using the same VR headset for 3 years. We love you, Michael) I finally got on board the Vive train and it’s the cat’s meow, as you very well know if you’re reading this. It’s also super compatible […]


Perhaps eventually part of something bigger. Listened to this song in repeat while working on this and it sort of syncs up. via GIPHY

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