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[POST] Vive controller problems on Unity 5.6? Here’s an easy fix.

Michael Becker

After too many years with the DK2 as my only VR headset (Hello, my name is Michael and I’ve been using the same VR headset for 3 years. We love you, Michael) I finally got on board the Vive train and it’s the cat’s meow, as you very well know if you’re reading this. It’s also super compatible with Unity, which boasts integrated VR and is very fun to work with.

And it’s also fairly broken with 5.6. Not entirely – just, you know, your ability to track your controllers, look at them, do anything beyond gazing at the beautiful scene you’re in without any sense of agency at all.

The issue seems universal enough to warrant a post, and is easily fixable, thanks to this useful tip from swedishfisk. Assuming you’re working with a vanilla SteamVR [CameraRig] component, which looks something like:


Simply add the script SteamVR_UpdatePoses.cs, which is already in your SteamVR folder (under “Scripts”), to the Camera (eye) component which is [CameraRig] -> Camera(head).



Note the exact gameObject you have to attach it to is Camera (eye). It doesn’t help that everything is called Camera, right? So make sure.

Whelp, that should fix it. Worked for me, worked for a friend, worked for the frustrated folks at http://answers.unity3d.com. There’s probably a more permanent fix in the making, but this is a trivial bandaid that’s worth knowing about.



  1. hello,

    the UpdatePoses script is deprecated in my version of the plugin (grabbed in github) and i still got the bug (unity 5.6.1).
    Can anyone help me ?


    1. Hi tairk,

      This is a known issue with the most recent version of the plugin – they’ve gone and deprecated UpdatePoses without actually addressing the problem.

      Just to clarify – are you unable to add UpdatePoses, or are able to and just getting deprecation notices?

    2. Hi,
      I also can’t seem to find a solution to this problem of the deprecated script, has anyone else managed to resolve it? Im working with Unity 5.6.1.

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