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VRChat Avatar – Prometheus

  Had a little fun with shaders, testing what works and what doesn’t in VRChat’s avatar upload pipeline. Pretty impressive results, particularly with the time-based animations. Some weird clipping issues but much better than nothing.

Intro to VR Lecture

Purists might say it doesn’t count as an Everyday, but I spent today on a Intro to Unity & VR Lecture and accompanying Unity mini-game. It’s a very last minute thing and kept me working into the night and I hereby decide it totally counts.    

Lighthouse (Tiltbrush->Sketchfab workflow)

I was pleasantly surprised that *some* things worked in attempting to export stuff out of tilt brush. Still no luck bringing the fbx into threejs though – but the fault, as always, lies with threejs. Seems that the actual fbx is solid (and fwiw the sketchfab people are doing a fine job translating it to webgl). Also […]

Memento Mori (A-Frame Scene)

A small A-frame scene. Live here (browse with Nightly or Chromium for Vive-compatibility, you know the drill.)   Wanted to experiment with JSON import and particle effects and Vive Integration. Didn’t have a ton of time. A-Frame is astoundingly plug&play but I’m still not fully comfortable with the component registry API. I wanna add threejs stuff without thinking […]

[POST] Vive controller problems on Unity 5.6? Here’s an easy fix.

After too many years with the DK2 as my only VR headset (Hello, my name is Michael and I’ve been using the same VR headset for 3 years. We love you, Michael) I finally got on board the Vive train and it’s the cat’s meow, as you very well know if you’re reading this. It’s also super compatible […]

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