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A little late-night A-frame doodle Inspired by Dan Shiffman’s excellent vid and the brilliant book. Sauce (The entire logic boils down to “Math.floor(Math.random() * 2) > 0 ? ‘/’ : ‘\\’;”, really)

Getting Started in WebVR

Wrote a Medium Article about the aforementioned.   [everydays are cancelled for now; working on longer-term projects. So that’s actually good!]

Memento Mori (A-Frame Scene)

A small A-frame scene. Live here (browse with Nightly or Chromium for Vive-compatibility, you know the drill.)   Wanted to experiment with JSON import and particle effects and Vive Integration. Didn’t have a ton of time. A-Frame is astoundingly plug&play but I’m still not fully comfortable with the component registry API. I wanna add threejs stuff without thinking […]

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