[POST] 5: Portfolio

Michael Becker

Week 5 has been emphatically and purposefully craft-oriented and un-artistic, although I still made things, and am still publishing them. I’m making some good headway in Udacity’s FEND and am learning new tricks and useful information about things I *thought* I’d known. It’s a really great foundation, and even though there’s some frustration in the fact it’s my third or fourth serious intro to many fundamental subjects, it’s taught so well I hardly mind it.

This is the second project in their curriculum; a portfolio. In making it I played around with some jQuery and JS, but most of the learning happened at the CSS front. It’s such a wormhole if you get into it! You can do away with it pretty easily too if you prefer, and it’s really based on your needs. Sort of like the C major of programming. In working on my portfolio I’ve learned and implemented Bootstrap, which is an absolutely wonderful framework, and I certainly intend to keep working with it, especially when more “traditional” projects are on my mind (i.e not hazily flying through space using your hands).

Not much to say, aside from the fact I’m going to keep updating it with newer projects, and I feel very grateful for the tools that I’m learning with Udacity. I’ve been through the proverbial block of learning how to code and Udacity is definitely my favorite method thus far. It’s not without its flaws – the review process, in particular – but the feedback from those guys is incredible and the lessons are very well structured, as is their general nano degree.

My portfolio is alive and well here.


Stay tuned for next week – the plan is to get all virtual and stuff!


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