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[IMAGE] Week 11: Working on Qualia’s live set

A super busy week that resulted in… not much to show for. Not in this blog, anyway. I’ve been working all-day-all-night to wrap up all the necessary prep for my musical project Qualia’s performance at XFest NW this weekend. This meant everything from essentially teaching myself the finer points of Ableton Live to learning how […]

[POST] Week 10: band website redesign + new music underway!

For reasons beyond my control, this week I got swamped by music-project-related chores; among other things, this included putting out an EP, hiring a PR company, and lots and LOTS of design. Not so much a necessary evil as a great kick in the butt that prompted me to *put more art-things out there*, the […]

[POST] Week 9: Picturebook

I love books.   I love to read, too, but that’s not the same thing. My love for reading doesn’t explain why the Kindle never grew on me, doesn’t explain the comfort I find in musky old bookstores. My love for books does. As far as fetishes go, book loving is a pretty tame one, […]

[POST] Week 8: Processing (part 2)

The futurelearn Creative Coding extravaganza continues – so this week featured a heavy focus on Processing. I dove into 3d graphics (a little before we were supposed to) and had lots of fun – and frustration – with various aspects of 3d design in processing. Observations:

[POST] week 7: Processing (part 1, prob)

This week marks my first serious excursion into Processing. I’ve been tinkering with it for about two years but the creative coding course I mentioned in a previous post is a great opportunity to take my Processing chops to the next level.

[POST/UNITY]: 6: Lighthouse Island

For this week, I took a break from the Udacity NanoDegree and built a small lighthouse island in Unity.  This is the world I made (spoiler alert follows, I guess, if you’d rather explore it yourself): You’re on an Island. On the island are a lighthouse and a piano. You can activate the lighthouse if […]

[POST] 5: Portfolio

Week 5 has been emphatically and purposefully craft-oriented and un-artistic, although I still made things, and am still publishing them. I’m making some good headway in Udacity’s FEND and am learning new tricks and useful information about things I *thought* I’d known. It’s a really great foundation, and even though there’s some frustration in the fact […]

[POST/WEBGL] 4: Leaptraveler

Project #4, Leaptraveler, was in a way long overdue: a basic exploration of the Leap Motion’s abilities. I’ve had the IR motion-capturing unit for longer than I care to admit and have played around with existing games and demos plenty, but have never gotten around to exploring it properly.

[POST/WEBGL] 3: Tweetcloud

Week 3! This one was a doozy.   Tweecloud (github) is a webapp that molds keyword-filtered tweets from the Twitter API into an amorphous, moving cloud. (It looks better than it sounds).

[POST/WEBGL] 2: Affected

This week I worked on a basic implementation of webAudio with Three.js visualization to boot. I called it affected.

[POST/WEBGL] 1: Skysheets

The first project is something I’ve been meaning to make for a while.     It features some of my favorite elements of building with 1s and 0s, namely: 3d graphics and realtime data scraping/processing. Skysheets uses the WeatherUnderground (free and publicly available) API to generate 4-day forecast based on a given zipcode, then utilizes the […]


I am thirty years and six days old. I have much, and I produce very little. I am cocooned in the conceits of comfortable living; Always aspiring, rarely attaining. Always dreaming, rarely realizing. Always planning, rarely seeing through. This needs to change.

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