[POST] week 7: Processing (part 1, prob)

Michael Becker

This week marks my first serious excursion into Processing. I’ve been tinkering with it for about two years but the creative coding course I mentioned in a previous post is a great opportunity to take my Processing chops to the next level.

Playing with geometric forms, and for loops is nice, and I love those artifacts that create new shapes (there’s a name for that phenomenon, and it’s a French last name, and it’s killing me that I forgot it) – but I really can’t wait to jump into the more interesting webGL stuff, sound design, and computervision. There’s an unemotional, OCD-like satisfaction in making these moving shapes – but also something distant, inhuman about them. And trig is not my strength; math in general was never something that came easy or naturally to me. I want to start digging through the Coding Math vids to get a better grip on – I guess, high school math? – and use it when I need it, but playing around with formulae will probably never be my passion and never my strength. At any rate, that’s a great reason to study those fields extra-hard.

The code is pretty straightforward and can be found on my openProcessing page above.


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