[POST/WEBGL] 2: Affected

Michael Becker

This week I worked on a basic implementation of webAudio with Three.js visualization to boot.

I called it affected.

 I wish I had more time (and headspace) to work on it but this week life got in the way bigtime. The basics are nevertheless there; webAudio nodes that either play back an audio recording or take live input, and then do two things to it:

1. run it through a convolution reverb node and a gain node, with multiple presets

2. Send the raw frequency data (using a FFT, 2048 samples@ 44.1Khz) in realtime to inform the y-axis constant-rescaling of two primitives – a cube and a sphere. I had to remap the data for the rescaling to make visual sense and not go all over the place.

I had a hard time implementing webAudio – never dealt with it before and creating and filling the buffer wasn’t exactly intuitive. It didn’t help that about 50% of all the existing examples and tutorials I could find relied on now-deprecated methods (a problem that plagues three.js too, if to a lesser extent). I must add that, once the basics were in place, implementing more nodes was pretty much a cakewalk; I feel I could confidently (if not without some trial and error) implement additional webAudio nodes of all kinds without any significant problems. Finally, my inexperience with all things CSS really shows through; I know what everything does but don’t yet have the chops to make it look nice. Well, at least like it wasn’t made in 1995. I have a free Lynda subscription through my local library; methinks it’s time to avail myself of that.

Next week I expect to delve into a non-dev area, do some work with my hands. But either way, right now I’m particularly happy about being able to stick to my Wednesday deadline (I’ve decided the actual hour is flexible as long as it’s done on Wednesday) and keep going. I do feel a little self conscious about the meagerness and homeliness of this humble beginning but an equally loud voice in my head reminds me to keep going, always keep going, the only important thing is that I keep going. I may be the only one who’ll ever read these pages. That’s fine; this is the story of my climbing up.


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