[IMAGE] Week 11: Working on Qualia’s live set

Michael Becker

A super busy week that resulted in… not much to show for. Not in this blog, anyway. I’ve been working all-day-all-night to wrap up all the necessary prep for my musical project Qualia’s performance at XFest NW this weekend. This meant everything from essentially teaching myself the finer points of Ableton Live to learning how to build a freakin’ two-tier stand. The former proved less challenging.

That said, it’s all going well and I t̶h̶i̶n̶k̶ hope it’s going to be a great show. I’ve rigged my Maschine and MPK49 to my macbook (running ableton) and set up a sweet backing-track based live set which will feature two new songs as well. Throwing in a Leapmotion (remember it from a couple weeks back?) to be able to play and modulate sounds using hand gestures, which aside from comfort and versatility adds major cool points to the look of the thing.

Haven’t played live in a while – and when I last did it was with a live band – so there’s probably going to be some living-and-learning happening. But that’s exactly what small-town festivals are for, right?

Coding is definitely taking a back seat this month as music becomes the center of what I do day-in-day-out. But guess what? That’s fine. I’m making things and that’s the only question that matters. Eventually stability will return to the kingdom; till then, I’m going to figure out how to use all this rig and still be able to move on stage.


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