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Michael Becker

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Today I made a three.js boilerplate because the drudgery of setting up the exact same scene every time – usually ~30-45 minutes or so before I could get to the juicy parts – really got to me. Modern tooling means I don’t have to rely on (fun) third party solutions like CodeKit which is great but mac-only or Prepros which is great but PC-only and never the twain shall meet. Also, yay package.json scripting.


Today’s everyday was going to be dedicated to BufferGeometry and fractal trees but I can only begin to imagine how much time this will save me in the long run. Plus the added advantage of doing webGL with *strictly* ES6 (it’s so easy to load three from a CDN and have a single js file, I usually don’t bother with doing things properly).


I very much doubt this’ll be the case but if anyone’s reading this and wants to contribute / has any ideas, go right ahead!


[everyday 5/20/17]

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