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Michael Becker


This may be my favorite #everyday yet. generates a unique fractal tree on each visit. Aesthetically the concept was “a modest, decorative plant in some aesthetically-minded AI’s apartment”.


I’ve used the threeJS boilerplate I made yesterday, thus already putting it to good use. Programming fractals was the hard part (no duh) but tweaking endlessly to allow for a range of visually pleasing results rather than any particular one was incredibly fun. I think I’m finally catching the spirit of this creative coding thing.


Daniel Shiffman’s Intro to Fractal Trees was indispensable in helping me grok the logic behind the magic. There was an interesting challenge in translating the Processing workflow to three.js since we’re dealing with vertices instead of “lines”. Different mentality, same principle, a lot of trial and error.


I’m fairly certain tomorrow’s Everyday will be a Twitterbot that takes a screenshot of this beaut every half day or so and tweets it. To paraphrase Frank Herbert, “bots within bots within bots…”

[everyday 5/21/17]

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