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WebApp: Pitch Generator

Michael Becker

Took a break from because my gf needed an app to help her vocalize during traffic – no judgement. I set up a super simple static webpage that plays with the WebAudio API and general MIDI to create randomized piano pitches in a certain range, within a modifiable amount of time. The triviality (or so I thought) of the code meant I got to spend time on the design, get inspired by some dribbble magic and so forth, and I think it shows. My gf registered, and as soon as I’m done with this little app I’ll transfer it over. But – alas! – iOS is horrible with WebAudio. Still working on a bug that currently means the app plays on any device except an iPhone, which is what she wanted it for in the first place. Gah. The things we do for women.

[everyday 05/22/17]


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