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Rough day today, and lots of grunt work – but it was worth it: I did two things that would really, really help with upcoming projects.

The first is I set up a boring, vanilla web-dev boilerplate (similar to my threejs one but more minimalistic) for easy-peasy bootstrapped es6 dev starting point.

The second, and much more significant one, is that I gave my PC a total cli overhaul, reinstalled node & npm, upgraded to the right versions, cleansed my PATH of useless packages, installed other useful packages, all so that I can simply switch between my mac and my PC as (primarily web) dev platforms without losing a beat. It was a bunch of grunt work and annoying troubleshooting (especially since I’m opting for the flashy new-ish bash on Ubuntu inside Windows because it’s super, super cool and so far I’ve been able to work out most of the kinks).


This means I’m now, theoretically at least, able to switch at will between my desktop machine and my macbook and not lose sleep over why con-emu/PC node/some god-forsaken component is broken so I’m landlocked to my mac.


Big gains. Not much to put on display (o hai thar 90s internet kid), but big gains. Onwards and upwards!


[everyday 5/25/2017]

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