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Object Pooling in Three.js

A rough-and-dirty implementation of object pooling, a technique very common in game dev and proc gen. First learned about it in a Unity context, since then found out it’s quite universal and for good measure. In this implementation you’re going down an endless grid with randomly generated object. The grid is infinitely generated ahead of you […]

Marcus Aurelius Sculpting App

  Because what good is 3d graphics if you can’t mess with a timeless object d’art. (Learning more about normal-based manipulation!)     [everyday 06027]


  Spent most of Memorial Day making this. Aesthetically – open spaces, gradients, distant observant businessmen. Same old, same old. Live: Technically – More experiments with Vertex Displacement. Getting a lot done while avoiding shaders (which I’ll revisit later). Thoroughly enjoyed playing with shadows and wireframes – all kinds of interesting patterns and such. [everyday […]

going nuclear

Well, this escalated quickly. Trying to get more interesting worldspace-based effects happening (basically, a ripple would be nice) but until then, these unforeseen behemoths sure are interesting. The hotshot line is: ico.geometry.vertices[i] += Math.sin(clock.getElapsedTime() * ico.geometry.vertices[i]) / 2; (for all axes individually) [everyday 5/28/17]


  Finally got around to creating a little tweetbot to accompany It will tweet one photo a day for as long as it lives. LOTS of snags along the way – taking a scrshot in threeJS was unobvious and relaying a base64 back to express was its own little adventure. atob and btoa encoding saved the […]

Bashful Three-go

(Last tooling everyday for a bit, I swear. Tooling = making it easier to make things =/= actually making things.)   Updated three-go with a bash script to automate some of the new project creation tasks – repo removal, name change, starting up watchify + browser-sync, etc. etc. git-clone, “.” should now get you […]


  Rough day today, and lots of grunt work – but it was worth it: I did two things that would really, really help with upcoming projects. The first is I set up a boring, vanilla web-dev boilerplate (similar to my threejs one but more minimalistic) for easy-peasy bootstrapped es6 dev starting point. The second, and much […]

WebApp: Pitch Generator

Took a break from because my gf needed an app to help her vocalize during traffic – no judgement. I set up a super simple static webpage that plays with the WebAudio API and general MIDI to create randomized piano pitches in a certain range, within a modifiable amount of time. The triviality (or so I thought) […]

  This may be my favorite #everyday yet. generates a unique fractal tree on each visit. Aesthetically the concept was “a modest, decorative plant in some aesthetically-minded AI’s apartment”. Live: I’ve used the threeJS boilerplate I made yesterday, thus already putting it to good use. Programming fractals was the hard part (no duh) but tweaking endlessly to allow […]


three-go on GitHub Today I made a three.js boilerplate because the drudgery of setting up the exact same scene every time – usually ~30-45 minutes or so before I could get to the juicy parts – really got to me. Modern tooling means I don’t have to rely on (fun) third party solutions like CodeKit which […]

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